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Sofia Mayans and Dan Holmberg, Inficure Bio.
Sofia Mayans and Dan Holmberg, Inficure Bio.

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Inficure Bio sets new record with major US deal

Umeå-based Inficure Bio signed the biggest deal in the company's history back in April. Now they have signed a new deal - which is twice as large.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us. Deals like this demonstrate that our international credibility is increasing”, says Sofia Mayans, CEO of Inficure Bio.

Inficure Bio, formerly part of Umeå Biotech Incubator, has recently signed an agreement with a publicly listed pharmaceutical manufacturer in the US. The deal is twice as large as the previous record-breaking deal signed last spring with a company in Switzerland.

“All business deals are of course important, but the one we have signed now with this US company really stands out. It is significantly larger than any deal we have negotiated so far. It is also an indication that our impact on the international pharmaceutical industry is increasing, says Sofia Mayans.

Inficure Bio has developed a process that makes it easier and faster for pharmaceutical companies to test drugs that treat fibrosis, which is scar tissue in organs. Scar tissue occurs when the organ is damaged, and a common cause of organ damage is inflammation of the tissue. While fibrosis in itself may not be a serious health problem, uncontrolled fibrosis can result in organ failure. An example of this is when the development of fatty liver drives a constant inflammation that in turn leads to large amounts of fibrosis and liver failure.

“The US company is investing heavily in treatment of fibrosis and has many substances under development. This deal gives us the opportunity to get long-term repeat business as it is likely the company want to test more substances if the tests we are currently conducting prove promising. Customers like this provide us with stability and the opportunity to continue to develop”, says Sofia Mayans.

“Our focus has mainly been on the US, Europe and Australian markets but we are currently also working on the introduction of our model into the Korean market. This will certainly broaden our market opportunities and potential revenues”, says Sofia Mayans.

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Sofia Mayans, PhD, CEO Inficure Bio
+46 70-366 46 66

About Inficure Bio

InfiCure Bio is a life science company focused on preclinical development and validation of drugs that target chronic inflammatory and fibrotic conditions.

Based on a panel of in vivo models for these conditions including a proprietary model for chronic inflammation and fibrosis, we offer effect tests of anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic drugs.

Founded on extensive experience and expertise in immunology, inflammation and fibrosis research, InfiCure Bio offers proficient and flexible processing of drug validation projects in this area.

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